Trekking at TVC

Trekking - Trails of TVC

The farm is evolving into a pretty place. But when you visit TVC, you are not just limited to the farm but you can go out to trek on some beautiful trails which lead into the adjacent forest. You are advised not to go out on your own as this is elephant territory, and it is not uncommon to encounter one of them. Please plan this after discussing it with our local in-charge. Here are the 3 trails you could trek.

The Temple Trail

At the top of the hill in the forest is a small temple, The Chikkamma Doddamma Temple. The road that forks in front of the farm quarter 1, climbs up along the edge of the farm, past the housing cluster 2 and goes to the top of the hill. Once you reach the top, on the one side you can see the farms below and Thagatti village at the distance, on the other side you can see the dense forest going down. The total distance would be around 1.5KM one way and a total of about 3KM which you should be able to finish within a couple of hours at a leisurely pace.

ChikkamaDodamma Temple Trail
Chikamma Dodamma Temple Trail

The Watering Hole Trail

A little higher above the farm is a small pond where there is water available most of the time through the year. You have to walk on the road that leads into the forest and then continue after the road ends to the place a little deeper. Here you can see pug marks of animals which visit the watering hole. Though we haven’t seen any of the big cats around, but it is common to see the marks of herbivores like deers and wild boars. On the way, you may have a rabbit cross your path or a peacock fly right past you. The total distance is about 2.1KMs one way and can be done in a little over 2 hours. This does take you deeper into the forest so you must be ready to walk through narrow passages cut out in the undergrowth along the path.

Watering Hole Trail
Watering Hole Trail

The Top Of The Hill trail

This is a slightly longer of all the trails which takes you to the top of the nearest hill which gives you a panoramic view of the area, forest on one side and the villages in the far distance. The trail itself climbs up gradually, winding through the forest, bamboo clusters and some flats which are covered with flower blooms during the rains. The total distance covered on the trail is a little over 3KMs one way and closer to 6.5KM both way and will take you a little over 3 hours to complete. The best time to go on this is early morning so that the sun is not very harsh. You could also do it in the evening, but there is always the worry of getting late and walking back after it gets dark can be quite risky. The trail is an enriching experience with a diverse flora and fauna along the way.

Hill Top Trail
Hill Top Trail
Hill Top Trail - Panorama
Hill Top Trail - Panorama

Apart from this, you can also do short walks in our upper wildlife corridor, a walk on the periphery of the large canopy food forest or even a walk in the Kavery 2 area which can be quite a niece experience learning about the various plant species which may be native or might have been planted by us to help rejuvenate the land.

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